Did you find MDC*PARENTS MAGAZINE 800-727-3682 IA charge on your credit card statement? Join other members (no registration needed) by adding a comment with all available information, such as an approximate date of the transaction and your assumptions on where did the charge come from, if any.

If you have merchant's contact information, such as Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, or instructions on how to cancel MDC*PARENTS MAGAZINE 800-727-3682 IA recurring payments, please by adding a comment.

Just showed up on my online statement. I've never signed up for it.


tammy Jul 02, 2019 showed up on my credit card statement and it’s fraud

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Balazs Jul 04, 2019
30 June, 2019 17:56
Never bought magazines from this place, I’m in the UK, and the store is in the US.
So does anybody knows whats going on with this?

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Ashley Jul 08, 2019
2 separate transactions in less than a week by MDS magazine Ia. One for $10 and one for $10.97.

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$10.83 Subscription Jul 10, 2019
I have received a $10.83 subscription renewal on my credit card. What is this?

Respond asap by email.

Kathryn Aloi
4773 Oak Orchard Rd
Clay, NY 13041

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Angie Williams Jul 12, 2019
7/12/19 MCD magazine store $10.74 charge. I don’t subscribe to any magazines and did not give permission for charge Please cancel and refund ASAP

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Bellabox Jul 17, 2020
I was told it was Auto-Renew for Woman's World Magazine. I did buy the magazine but did not sign up for auto-renew. They found me by my email address, were kind and cordial and canceled for me. Says refund will take 7-10 business days. Charge was for $84.

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Bellabox Jul 17, 2020
Call 877-480-0155 to cancel. Kindly explain your situation and they will help you out.

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