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Did you find FDNGDSNM.COM charge on your credit card statement? Join other members (no registration needed) by adding a comment with all available information, such as an approximate date of the transaction and your assumptions on where did the charge come from, if any.

If you have merchant's contact information, such as Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, or instructions on how to cancel FDNGDSNM.COM recurring payments, please by adding a comment.

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Had to cancel debit card


Kitty Dec 01, 2022
This is crap...how they get away with this...shut them DOWN!

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Balaji Mar 29, 2023
Thay transfer 151.29 AED 29th March 2023 at 1.47 pm GST even is it scam?

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J Loucks Aug 16, 2023
Aug 1 2023 I was charged 54.31 When I contacted the chat they wanted my banking information. Screams scam. I hope my bank can block them.

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pcastillo Dec 05, 2023
They have been charging me $12.99 a month for a while now. This is ridiculous, I never gave them permission to do that. How can I tell them to stop charging me?

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