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  • Subscription
    I entered a 3 day free trial but I want to cancel it before the three days are up and I'll have to pay a monthly fee but it's not letting me, please help cancel it for me (1 report)
  • MBI-PROBILLER.COM 855-232-9555 CY
    Emailed Probiller about unauthorised payments or if not cancelled payments, to find out for me which website these payments would be coming from. Did not get any email back, and was made to pay the... (2 reports)
  • Netflix
    I’m not a Netflix customer! I’d like to have my monies refunded back to my checking account . There had been a transaction of $49.76 withdrawn from my account every month! I’m a senior citizen, I... (1 report)
  • Unauthorized charge
    I did not authorize this charge for $153 on my account. I don't know how to stop it. (1 report)
  • 866-716-0414 NDL
    Charged £9.99 on my credit card which was notauthorised (26 reports)

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  • CupidBill
    I found the same CupidBill transaction listed in my bill. Anyone , help please? (2 reports)
    (0 report)
    As it is known, Payment ltd is one of the leading companies providing services for online payments. Since 2011 the company has been developing rapidly. However, despite acquiring good reputation... (2 reports)
    Sometimes users face problem with rebuilding a credit. The company presumes no credit check and almost instant guaranteed approval even for bad credits. To qualify for membership and receive... (4 reports)
    MPLS Parking offers various parking meters that differ by time restrictions and rates. It is possible to perform a payment by cash or credit card. In the Internet, there are number of complain... (1 report)