Oct 21, 2013
Did you find MARRIOTT 33718 LAX LOS ANGELES CA charge on your credit card statement? Join other members (no registration needed) by adding a comment with all available information, such as an approximate date of the transaction and your assumptions on where did the charge come from, if any.

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Madeline Feb 21, 2016
Found this site on Ask. This was a decent aitlcre. I'd like to see you take the main point from this post and create another separate aitlcre, and maybe you could include a video, also?
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Cordie Hou Oct 21, 2013
This is the charge for parking at the hotel. Marriot is rapidly developing hotel chain that spreads all over the World. Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel is located two blocks from the Los Angeles airport that makes it popular among tourists. The hotel is meant for the customer with refined taste; therefore all guest rooms, pools, lobby and front drive have been completely renovated and refreshed. There are all the amenities of luxurious hotel: Manhattan Beach Pier; Amusement Park; Rodeo Drive / Shopping; The Getty Museum; Venice Beach; Greek Theatre; Hollywood Park Raceway; Casino etc. Besides, it offers prime waterfront “parking spot” for affordable prices. For further information, visit
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