Did you find MDC*BETTER HOMES charge on your credit card statement? Join other members (no registration needed) by adding a comment with all available information, such as an approximate date of the transaction and your assumptions on where did the charge come from, if any.

If you have merchant's contact information, such as Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, or instructions on how to cancel MDC*BETTER HOMES recurring payments, please by adding a comment.

yes, a MDC*BETTER HOMES transaction appeared on my son's credit card. He is a 20-year old college student and would never have ordered this magazine. I think it was done premptively before fraud was committed to see if the card would "work" - right after that there were multiple fraudulent charges.


Maria Capone May 31, 2019
Mdc shape

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TB Jun 04, 2019
MDC*FAMILY CIRCLE FOR $16.20 on 5/3/19 and MDC*BETTER HOMES ON 6/4/19 for $16.30. If they have your credit card number from the first time you subscribed, in my case it was an $8 or $10 subscription the first time, they will keep sending you the magazines and charge that card the new subscription price every year. When ordering, never give them your card number.

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Tracey Traver Jun 07, 2019
better homes and gardens recurring charge. Not authorized? Cancel please

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Danielle Jul 09, 2019

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PMA Jul 10, 2019
My credit card was charged $18.99 by MDC*BETTERHOMES on 7/9/19 for a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine that I did not authorize. I called the 800 # to cancel and got the automated voice that wanted to help me renew my subscription, but no option to cancel. When I gave the automated voice some incorrect information, I was finally put through to a human being who claimed she couldn't hear me and hung up. I called back again several minutes later, listened to the automated lady again, when she asked for my subscription number I said I didn't have it, and was put through right away to another human being who canceled my subscription and will refund my $ problem.

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MDC*Shape Jul 10, 2019
I was charged 16.05 on my CC 7/10/19, which I did not approve, nor do I want the Shape Magazine. Reference #91910556

My Address is 34 Old Barn Way, Kingston, GA 30145

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Deborah Jul 14, 2019
Two unauthorized charges on 08 July, 2019, for $19.95. What the heck!!!
I do subscribe to Martha Stewart, but my subscription in paid in full and not due for renewal.
I have never had an automatic renewal before. Been a subscriber for several years now.
I will report this fraudulent activity to my back on Monday;

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Patti Burgess Aug 11, 2019
I have a charge of 15.00 from MDC Shape recurrent on my monthly charge card that I did not order, I will dispute all charges! They need to stop this action!

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Paige Greene Feb 05, 2022
I just got hit this morning on my credit card for an unauthorized purchase of $114.48 to MDC*PeopleMagazine MS 866-272-0717 IA. I tried calling the number and it didn't state what business it was, just that they were only open Monday through Friday. I did dispute the charge on my card immediately but will see what happens. This is craziness. Who just gets to charge $$ on people's cards?

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