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If you have merchant's contact information, such as Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, or instructions on how to cancel MDC*BETTER HOMES recurring payments, please by adding a comment.

yes, a MDC*BETTER HOMES transaction appeared on my son's credit card. He is a 20-year old college student and would never have ordered this magazine. I think it was done premptively before fraud was committed to see if the card would "work" - right after that there were multiple fraudulent charges.


Sharyn R Mar 28, 2018
A transaction charged in my account for $12.97 without my approval, I received no renewal notices whatsoever. Please CANCEL ALL AND ANY SUBSCRIPTIONS IMMEDIATELY!

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Linda Elgren Mar 28, 2018

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MDC Magazine Apr 09, 2018
I did not authorize a charge of $5.20 on April 8, 2018!! You need to reverse this charge and stop charging me!!!

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Lynne Hendrickson Apr 18, 2018
$15 transaction for MDC*Better Homes 800-374-4244 CO
Not ordered or authorized

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Kay Apr 21, 2018
On my Target account:

4/20/2018 4/20/2018 MDC*BHG/FC BOOK PROGRM 800-627-5490 IA $10.91

I did not order this nor did I authorize it.

Thank you.

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Mike Kinkead May 11, 2018
CO Date 05 10 18 0469216000008730105968 Card 15

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alrotondi May 14, 2018
Annual subscription "MDC BetterHomes"

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MDC*Martha Stew May 16, 2018
i have a charge for $21.35 that i didn't authorize.

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Wendy Tilles May 20, 2018
MDC*BHG/FC Book Program 800-627-5490 $10.59

I originally reported this charge as unknown and unauthorized. However I do realize that this was now a purchase I didn't make for a Hungry Girl magazine

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Tabujor Jun 08, 2018
MDC*BETTER H 800-374-4244
This charge showed up in my banking transactions however, it was an unauthorized charge. I called the Better Homes and Gardens customer service to dispute it and have it reversed, which they did. At one time I had a subscription to BH&G (in 2013) but, chose not to renew my subscription. I asked how they received my banking info and the representative said it was on file. She verified the card they have on file. The problem is she verified my current banking information and they were never given that account info. My original subscription (in 2013) was paid with my prior account info and I never gave them my current debit card info, which is only 2 months old. She gave no answers to how it was obtained. Nor do I have any other magazine subscriptions. It remains unexplained how they received my banking info.

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Sandy Winch Jun 11, 2018
MDC Better Homes $15.00

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EUGENE HEFEL Jun 14, 2018
i did not want this book reordered. It is in my husband name and he died in Oct of 2017. please take off the charges

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Marjorie Stadtmiller Jun 15, 2018
Unauthorized charge

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Joyce Jun 16, 2018
I just opened my credit card statement and found a charge of $16.05 from MDC*BETTER HOMES & GARDENS. I had subscribed, however, did not renew. Glad I looked it up on here. Good to know others are also complaining. This is a bad situation. I will definitely dispute. This needs to to reported the the Better Business Bureau.

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Joanne Rogis Jun 20, 2018
I did not renew my subscription to Bettter Homes & Gardens and want to get charge removed from my Discover Card

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Joyce Ann Shetterly Jun 23, 2018
I have 2 withdrawals over 2 months. I also did not renew. would like my money back.

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Marykayt Jun 28, 2018
What’s this for. Stop it.

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Dianne Hudgins Allison Jul 12, 2018
I never ordered Better Homes, it just started coming along with Martha Stewart Living, the only magazine that I subscribed to is Traditional Home

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Anne Echols Jul 16, 2018
I have identical charges on my credit card in July for Better Homes and did not want automatic renewal. I want to get this removed from my card.

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Barbara Ann Robertson Jul 19, 2018
I thought I stopped this, but they renewed it any way
Date Check # Payee Category Tag Memo Payment Clr Deposit Balance
7/13/2018 Mdc Better Homes RECURRING PAYMENT 07/12 800-374-4244 CO CARD 7938 15.00 c

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